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The Reason Why Everyone Love Graphics Card

                        In earlier graphics processing was very basic and could be done by the CPU along with all the other processing (calculations). However, as computer games advanced and started using 3D graphics, the CPU had too much to do and CPU-makers could not keep up on making them faster. Eventually, video cards were invented to solve this problem. Video cards are designed to have their own processor called the Graphics Processing Unit or GPU. This lets the CPU do more work since it does not have to spend any time on advanced graphics calculations; it can simply pass these calculations off to the GPU to be done.

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               a video card (also called a graphics card ) is a special circuit board that controls what is shown on a computer monitor and calculates 3D images and graphics.

Graphics card processors 

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A video card can be used to display a two-dimensional (2D) image like a desktop, or a three-dimensional (3D) image like a computer game. 

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Most computers have a basic video and graphics capabilities built-in to the computer's motherboard. These video cards are not as fast as in separate Video cards. They are fast enough for basic computer use and basic computer games. If a computer user wants faster and more detailed graphics, a video card can be installed separately.

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Video cards have their own processor (called a Graphics Processing Unit or GPU).The GPU's job is to handle graphics calculations. 3D graphics calculations take a lot of CPU power, so having a video card to handle the graphics calculations lets the CPU work on other things like running computer programs.

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Video cards also have their own memory, separate from the main computer memory. It is usually much faster than main computer memory, too. This helps the GPU do its graphics calculations even faster. Most video cards also can make one computer use more than one computer monitor at one time.

Graphics Cards manufacturers 

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Graphics manufacturers nVidia and ATI have special technologies that allow two identical cards to be linked together in a single computer for much faster performance. nVidia calls their technology SLI and ATI calls their technology CrossFire. Some modern graphics cards can even process physics calculations to create even more realistic-looking 3D worlds.

Video cards typically connect to a motherboard using the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI),

How to connect  VGA card

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