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How To Track Unknown Phone Numbers 100%

Smartphone market had taken the willing path to reach the top of all requirements. By looking at these facts, one is bound to receive hundreds of spam or telemarketing calls. Let’s admit, the unknown numbers and private calls were the worst types of anxiety that we face on a daily basis.

Many of restricted or unidentified numbers call come from telemarketers trying to sell products. These are usually spam calls, but it can invite lots of financial and mental troubles to us. So, to deal with spam calls, Conount has decided to share a few best tips to recognize and block spam/unknown calls.

True Caller (Desktop Version)

Ths web app uses massive number database to identify callers. Truecaller is a Swedish company which has over 85 million users. It works with a database of millions of previously identified numbers. The program also searches on the internet to gather other information related to the caller.

Step 1 
  First of all, go to the Truecaller official website with your PC.

Step 2
Select your country from the drop-down if you are from Sri Lanka then the default option will be “Sri Lanka (+94) enter the phone number that you want to search and then click on search.

Step 3 

Now it will ask you to sign up with a true caller to know the details of your searched mobile number. If you have a Gmail or Microsoft account then you can connect with Truecaller.

Step 4 
After the sign up completed successfully you will be given the complete details of your searched number. And the information is completely true and 90% accurate.

2. Using True Caller on Android

You can get benefitted from Truecaller if you have an Android smartphone. To make the most use of this fantastic product, you need to install the Truecaller app on your Android smartphone.

Step 1 
    Download True Caller App from play store.

Step 2 
   Click "Get started " button. 

Step 3 
   If you like to set Default true caller app Click "Set" if not click Cancel. 

Step 4 
    Click Continue

Step 5 
   Click Allow button.

Step 6 
   Type your Mobile Number and Click. Continue. 

Step 7 
   Click  "Agree & Continue". 

Step 8 
    then there is a litter bit verification system like Viber 

Step 9 
   Click the  "Google"  Button

Step 10 
    All Done.!

TrueCaller Alternatives For Android

there are some other Android apps available on the Google Play Store that allows users to identify the numbers and blocks the spam calls.

1 ) Whoscall

It is one of the best and leading Truecaller alternatives app that’s available for both Android and iOS. The great thing about Whoscall is that it has been downloaded over 70 million times and it has own offline database to identify calls. Whoscall also blocks spam calls automatically.

1 ) Showcaller

It is another best TrueCaller alternatives on the list which specialized in identifying caller ID and region. Not just that, but Showcaller can also identify spam calls, telemarketing calls. The app is now used by millions of users and it requires less than 10MB to install on your Android smartphone.

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